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Your personal brand is what differentiates you from other professionals in your field. It is the unique combination of skills and experience that you excel at and that you market as your brand. Your personal brand is something you are continually growing. It is the essence of your identity and fundamentally what you love to […]

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There has been a flood of requests for a pdf version of the recent blog entitled branding the bare necessities. Because you all asked so nicely we have created one just for you. Not only that but it is a simplified version. It gets straight to the point. A quick checklist of essential branding elements […]

Branding – The Bare Necessities

Branding is important because not only is it what makes a memorable impression on consumers, but it allows them to know what to expect from your company. A brand represents so much more than a logo. It summarises peoples perception of your company, its customer service and reputation. Your brand is your defining mark. It […]

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A good brand will incorporate every aspect of a companys personality, including its logo, tone of voice and how it is perceived by its customers. The aim of any brand is to show your customer base what makes you unique. It should make your business memorable. Branding your business can feel like a daunting task […]