The practical tips in the classroom are designed to solve your real-world problems and give you the tools to create, launch and manage effective strategies for your business. What makes our training different is that it is based on real-life projects. These projects are a combination of amazing successes and epic fails. We will discuss the lessons learned and apply a suite of templates that will help you overcome these obstacles.


Learn about the importance of content in all its forms and how they can benefit your business. Learn how to create content that engages your customer and humanises your brand. Learn how this content impacts your offline media, your website, blogs, search engines, and social media.


Learn about organic traffic generation and performance. Improve your website’s ability to rank well search engines. Key topics include SEO friendly Content, SERP or Search Engine Ranking Page, keyword research, On-Page and Off-Page SEO, SEO Templates and Metrics.


Learn about social platforms and how they can benefit your business. Learn how to create and optimise paid social campaigns, how to reach your target audience and capitalise on the metrics. Key topics include an introduction to social platforms, social advertising, managing social campaigns, KPIs and metrics and reporting.


Every business had individual needs at certain times within their business journey. We can adapt our modules to meet those needs. We have worked with clients on bespoke training courses including advanced brand strategy support, LinkedIn Lessons for Staff, Facebook campaign plans, Content calendar best practices.


Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Happy and knowledgeable staff typically leads to happy customers. Knowledge is power

Improve Productivity

Staff that know what they need to do & how to do it are confident with their tools and with your business processes.

Increase Staff morale

When people are having fun, they learn more – this in turn can ensure new knowledge is retained.


Maximise Profitability

Training ultimately will increase your bottom line will Whether it's through increased quality output, enhanced staff morale, etc…