Branding Checklist

There has been a flood of requests for a pdf version of the recent blog entitled branding the bare necessities. Because you all asked so nicely we have created one just for you. Not only that but it is a simplified version. It gets straight to the point. A quick checklist of essential branding elements all in one pdf.  Whether you develop your brands purpose, vision and mission all at once or in phases is not important. What is important is that you understand their individual and collaborative need and apply them as necessary. The same branding principals apply to us all regardless of where we are in our business journey. Whether you are launching a new product or service, considering a brand refresh or you are just starting out, this checklist should help guide you. If nothing else, it might ignite your creative powers.

Remember guys – Your brand is your defining mark. It is your identity and the first thing most people see. It is the most honest representation of you, what you stand for and what remains once you are gone.


Download the PDF Branding Checklist here