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Professional Experience

As a Digital Strategist and Marketing Manager I get to work on some really cool projects with lots of amazing people.

What gets me up before dawn every morning is working and connecting with people who are passionate about what they do both personally and professionally. I genuinely love wowing customers, providing business solutions specifically targeted to their needs and continuously earning the right to have their business.

I have been fortunate to work with incredible national and international brands and I am honored to have been part of their journey towards a successful digital future. Managing multi-disciplinary projects and navigating the complex challenges they bring with them is what motivates me. But actual experience has thought me that my professional value can be summarised in 7 short points.

Titles do not matter to me, but respect, integrity, dignity and collaboration does.

I am transparent about my successes and setbacks. My successes have enabled me to climb the ladder of my career but it is how I overcame the setbacks that really demonstrates the value I have to offer.

I am a keen executioner! Big Ideas are great but its execution that matters.

I speak multiple technology transferred languages including User Experience, Editorial, Design, Marketing, Digital Strategy and of course fluent Geek!

I believe we must lift as we rise. I have been blessed to have some amazing mentors on my journey and i would be honored to pass on the knowledge and great advice i have received along the way.

Experience, both good and bad, has helped my confidence grow and has given me the courage of conviction to stand tall alongside my actions.

I am passionate about helping businesses get their message out there, as clearly, concisely, consistently and accurately as possible.

If you have taken the time to read this or share some of the same values then we should definitely connect.

My Skills

Digital Strategy
Marketing Campaigns
Brand Management

My Awards

  • Ulster Bank Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2009
  • Shell Livewire Business of the Year 2008
  • DCU R&D Commercialisation 2004
  • Jersey and UK Wealth Brand 2017
  • IMA Finalist 2014 – 2018