Storytelling – 5 Ways to Strengthen and Distinguish Your Brand

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Understanding todays consumers and business decision makers is a science. Advertising does not hold that same attraction it once did. Consumers are happy to shop around and are less susceptible to sales promises. What they are looking for is to feel empowered by your story and brands narrative. It is challenging for brands in this digital age as customers behaviours shift and their needs change. This constant ebb and flow means you need to know your marketplace and are prepared to adapt to your customers changing needs. You need to keep your marketing tactics fresh and stories intuitive to continuously engage and draw your audience in. Great stories don’t have to be long. But, they do have to create a feeling and pull you in.

There are a lot of moving elements to a strong brand, including a well-designed website, first-class user experience and a strong social media presence. A strong brand also requires clear, consistent communication and attention to detail.

Today Online Buzzing is highlighting five items that you should find in any great story. Hopefully they will help strengthen and distinguish your brand.

Be the Best You that You Can Be
This simply means be true to yourself and your confidence will show. This in turn, will instil confidence and trust in your story, in your brand. The most reliable way for brand ambassadors and business owners to become excellent storytellers is to be themselves and be true to the brand. Being authentic and telling it as it is will strengthen and distinguish your brand and help your message resonate.

The Customer is Always Right – Listen to Your Customer
Today there are so many channels that allow you to communicate and engage with customers. There is no excuse for not understanding their needs. Utilise these channels to examine the voice of your customer. Your customers direct and indirect feedback will tell your brands story better than you ever can. If you don’t like what you hear then change and adapt your story to better reflect your brands true meaning.

Define Your Brands Core Values
Your brand values are the foundations of your businesses success. Values stand at the very core of your brand, from which everything else radiates—including your brands message (voice), look (design) and relationships (customer service). Without values to guide you, your brand will seem like just any other business.

Build and Navigate a Strong Communications Platform
The pillars of your communications platfrom should be that it is clear, concise and consistent. A strong communications platform is essential to tell a brands story. It is a necessary tool that allows you to engage both internal and external stakeholders efficiently and effectively.

Be Consistent
Consistency is an essential element of storytelling. Clear and consistent omni-channel messaging is fundamental to an authentic and coherent customer experience. Marketers and brand ambassadors need to use consistent words and themes to create loyalty and brand engagement among those they seek to influence through their storytelling.

Storytelling is an essential marketing tool for brands looking to ground their business strategy with messaging that is memorable, emotionally engaging, and profitable. If you would like to discuss any elements of your Businesses Branding Strategy or have a question about Storytelling, then please get in touch. We are excited about hearing from you.