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One thing we are all short of these days is time, especially if you are running your own business.

No matter what your business area or focus is we all share something in common. That we want to be seen, heard, promoted and looking fabulous online.

But learning about social media, websites and selling online takes time. It takes alot of time. You must decipher what platforms are best for your business and personal brand. You must learn how to use them and set kpi’s and ensure that they are the best tools available to you that can help you achieve your goals. Since my business is digital branding, social media and web development I really enjoy researching the best tools and have developed a portfolio of  tools that work well for me.
Today I am going to share with you a list of the main tools I would recommend to most small businesses. This is a general list of platforms that work well for most businesses, but I am mindful that your business may require a more tailored recommendation. Contact Us today if this is the case for you.

So guys please feel free to download the top ten social media platforms as recommended by Online Buzzing, simply click the link below.


Online Buzzing – Social Media Tools for Small Businesses