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The importance of the buyer persona

The key to success in any branding, marketing or digital campaign is to understand your audience. A fundamental principle of this is to recognize and define your buyer personas. “A buyer persona is a detailed description that tells the story of your ideal customer. It describes the important characteristics of the individual that will buy from you.” […]

Let’s get real, are you guilty of these social marketing transgressions?

Marketing has changed dramatically in the last 10 years but it has taken on a whole different meaning, lingo and so much more in the last 5 years. Social Media marketing changes almost every day. So, if we are, to be honest with ourselves, we all make mistakes and learn quite quickly from them. The […]


Are you a true digital native, eager to gain some hands-on experience with content, search and social campaigns? We have a fantastic opportunity for a progressive Digital Marketing Executive to be part of a great digital journey and enhance their performance and visibility! The successful applicant will be a creative mastermind that loves working independently, […]

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Storytelling – 5 Ways to Strengthen and Distinguish Your Brand

Understanding todays consumers and business decision makers is a science. Advertising does not hold that same attraction it once did. Consumers are happy to shop around and are less susceptible to sales promises. What they are looking for is to feel empowered by your story and brands narrative. It is challenging for brands in this […]