Data and Analytics


We work with clients at every stage of the measurement lifecycle, from analytics platfrom configuration to advanced digital intelligence and executing detailed meaningful metrics and reports. To put it simply we Measure – Optimize – Convert - Repeat.

We always tell customers that its great creating a phenomenal brand, amazing content and award-winning social campaigns but what benefit are they without metrics and results. How do you determine ROI? How do you measure results? Why is data and analytics so important?
The answer is that data must be at the heart of everything we do. We listen to, monitor and gather data from different channels and sources to source meaningful competitive insights that reveal the important information about the audience you are trying to reach and influence. We use the most up-to-date platforms and tools but appreciate that legacy systems exist and are happy to support your needs.


Data Optimisation requires us to integrate your data into our campaign reporting. It means that we can offer more advanced reporting that will allow us to get to the core of your objectives. Every client is different, has different needs and different data formats. This is not a problem for you. It is a challenge for us and we will work with you to integrate your data into a workable format. The result will be seamless integration of your data in to our dashboards and reporting.

Data Optimisation
Attribution Modelling

Lets get technical – Using the data and insights we have gathered we analyse the integrated campaign data with the channels and media you have used to optimise campaigns. This allows us to follow the most effective channel combinations. Why bother I hear you say! Well it ensures that your budget is spent on the most effective channels and not in less effective areas.

Data is at the heart of everything we do, but data comes from various sources. The challenging and time-consuming aspect is pulling it all together. We do and do it well because we are nerds that love discovering patterns, problems and finding solutions. We then track and translate those insights, ensure they align with your business objectives and present to you clear concise reports. This allows you to concentrate on the important stuff like consumer insights.

Real-time Reporting
Conversion Optimisation

Conversation optimisation is all about analysing and tweaking your paid media & SEO campaigns to maximise your website conversion rates. This is a combination of analysing your website’s performance using your analytics and user journey analysis. We will then implement A/B tests or multi variate tests to increase your conversion rates. This is carried out on a regular basis to improve the long and short-term performance of a website.